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Visa is the permission showing that a person is authorized to enter or leave the country for which it is issued, subject to permission of an immigration official at the time of actual entry. ”

Method of Visa Issuance

Visa is normally stamped on the passport only, some country also issues visa on separate sheet of paper, electronic visa   and some countries issues visa on arrival ( visa on arrival is stamped on your passport at the time of arrival in destination country) Normally you have to  obtain visa before your departure from the foreign consulate/high commission/embassy in India or from the country from where you are residing. Your visa normally contains the same details as your passport except address.  

Type of Visa

There are various types of visas issued by Consulate/High Commission/Embassy

Business visa for business purpose, Tourist visa for tourism purpose, transit visa for transiting from one country to another, Student visa for students, work permit or work visa for temporary workers, dependent visa for the dependant of these visa holders,

Validity of Visa (duration and entry):

All the visas are issued for specific period only and are divided for two reasons 1.  For entry in to country  & 2. Stay in the country. This can be valid for 24 hours to 10 years depending on issuing country, purpose of travel and applicant. These visas can be valid for single entry, double entry or multiple entries (any no. of entry)

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Tips & General Information:-

  • Please make sure that all the details on your visa stamp/sticker/paper visa are correct.
  • Your visa is valid for period of your travel.
  • Your visa 
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