Travel Insurance

“We all need Insurance, because accident never happens with prior intimations”

While travelling abroad or in India,   it is most important   to have travel insurance. As medical expenses are   high in India  and is very high (all most unaffordable) in    foreign countries.  Especially in Europe, U.S.A.  &  Canada. Travel insurance does not only cover medical cost  but it covers other losses like passport & baggage   loss, trip delay, trip cancelation, plane hijack, personal liabilities, dental cover etc.

While travel insurance is voluntary requirements for travelling abroad, some country like Shenzhen group of countries, it is mandatory requirement for visa application and to gain entry in to their country.

You can get   travel insurance for different period & purpose of travel such as holidays, business, student, adventure, cruise & others.

We provide All type of insurance services through all reputed Insurance companies.

Tips & General information:-

  • Travel Insurance is the 4th most important documents for travelling abroad.
  • Make sure that all the details on your insurance policy are correct.
  • Make sure that you buy insurance from reputed insurance company.
  • Your insurance is valid for your entire journey abroad.
  • You have adequate amount of sum assured.

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